Vince Gorgone

Vince Gorgone

Sports Performance Coach

About Vince

Vince’s philosophy aligns directly with that of the E.A.T.S. team’s, which is prepare the athlete with knowledge of how to control their body utilizing the essential movements and the additional sport specific movements, that are prescribed based on the sport/position the athlete plays. He believes that all athletes should be put in a position to succeed and progress in their training program, given that there is an understanding that challenging limits is what brings about desired results. He has a unique excitement to work with all athletes and watch them achieve their goals.

Education and experience:

  • Graduated from Our Lady of Good Counsel High School and played all four years of football (2014).
  • Graduated from McDaniel college with a BA degree in kinesiology and played all four years of football (2018).
  • Over 200 intern experience hours at the Advanced Spine and Wellness Center as a therapy technician.
  • Strength and conditioning intern for the McDaniel football team for the spring of 2018

Continued Education:

  • Studying to become a Physical Therapist Assistant
  • CSCS pending


Call me to schedule an appointment: 443-878-9436