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At E.A.T.S. our Staff of Professional Sports Performance Coaches are committed to ensuring all our athletes maximize their athletic potential and are prepared for the highest level of competition.  In order to ensure this athletes must dedicate themselves to a consistent and progressive training regimen.  Our programs will yield incredible results if adhered to with passion and a positive attitude.

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Long Term Training Commitment Discounts

3-5 Month Commitment: 10% off your training package
6-11 Month Commitment: 15% off your training package
12+ Month Commitment: 20% off your training package

* Training packages may be adjusted from month to month but a minimal training package must be maintained for the duration of your commitment.

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  • Team Elimination Flag Tag with @gcsgirlslax Great for promoting team work, spatial awareness & communication in a competitive environment. “Better keep your head on the swivel”! #eliteathletetrainingservices #traineliteats #performancebarn
  • “Flag Tag Part II - Switch Tag” @gcsgirlslax #eliteathletetrainingservices #traineliteats #performancebarn
  • “Flag Tag” with @gcsgirlslax last week! Great for game speed agility and reaction training! Plus the fun and intensity level is high! #eliteathletetrainingservices #traineliteats
  • “Load & Explode” @gcsgirlslax working on explosive cutting and rotary power! Season starts Tu!! #eliteathletetrainingservices #traineliteats #performancebarn #gcsdragons
  • Attention Area HS QB’ & WR’s. Our Playmakers QB/WR Performance Camp is coming back for 7 Weeks starting Feb 25th at our new training center. Sign up Now spots limited!
  • Another great pre season training camp with @gcgirls_lax. Can’t wait for the season to start to see what these girls will accomplish this season! #eliteathletetrainingservices #traineliteats
  • Been a great pre season training camp with @gcsgirlslax & can’t wait for the season to start next week. $ is in the bank! Time to make some withdrawals! #eliteathletetrainingservices #traineliteats #gcsdragons
  • Single leg lateral jumping/landing training leading into reactive cutting drills with @gcsgirlslax this week! Gonna shake & bake this season! #eliteathletetrainingservices #traineliteats #performancebarn #gcsdragons
  • “Who wants to Win” we want athletes who hate to lose and compete to be the best! This Good Counsel Team wants to win! #eliteathletetrainingservices #traineliteats

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