Dominant Training

Elite College & Pro Performance Training

You’ve reached the next level of competition. The stakes are high. Are you ready to compete with the best athletes in the country? The E.A.T.S. College and Professional Athlete Program offers the highest level of training designed to maximize your athletic development while supporting the longevity of your career.

You can choose to participate in the following programs:

Speed Agility and Conditioning (SAC)

The Speed, Agility, and Conditioning program aims to improve your athlete’s acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction skills, first step explosiveness, linear speed, visual and auditory reaction times, lateral quickness, physical and mental toughness, and sport specific conditioning.

College and Pro

Strength Development Training

Strength Development Training at E.A.T.S. consists of two phases: Foundational Strength Development and Advanced Strength Development. In the first phase, your athlete will be introduced to fundamental loading patterns.  In the second phase, more advanced strength development exercises and overload principles are introduced, including weight lifting and plyometric exercises.

Program benefits include:

  • Flexibility, Mobility and Core Strength
  • Strength, Power, Acceleration and Speed
  • Quickness & Agility
  • Sport Specific Conditioning Level
  • Sports Nutrition
Performance Training
Real Results
Motivated Training