Elite Junior Performance Training

The E.A.T.S. Elite Junior program is designed to develop the next generation of elite high school sports stars. The first step is a one on one consultation with our training staff. During this free consultation an E.A.T.S. coach will conduct a movement screen to identify any muscular issues or injury risks and to identify your personal athletic goals.

Junior TrainingOur Youth Athlete program is designed to address the needs of the rapidly growing and developing middle school child, for athletic performance and general fitness. This program provides the physical foundation on which we will build upon in order to prepare for more advanced training at the high school level.

You can choose to participate in one or both of our Junior Programs

  • Speed Agility and Conditioning (SAC)
  • Foundational Strength Development

Program Benefits Include

  • Improved Self-Confidence, Motor Skills & Body Awareness, ¬†Flexibility & Mobility, Core Strength & Fitness Level
  • Introduction to Strength Development Training, Plyometric Training, ¬†Speed & Agility Training
  • Promotes a Fun and Healthy Lifestyle and prepares athletes for increasing levels of competition
Junior Athletes Training

Football, Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, regardless of your sport our programs are designed to prepare athletes to compete at a higher level of competition, by progressing to a more advanced sports performance training program.

Official Sponsor of the Rockville Football League
Official Sponsor of the Rockville Football League