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At E.A.T.S. our Staff of Professional Sports Performance Coaches are committed to ensuring all our athletes maximize their athletic potential and are prepared for the highest level of competition.  In order to ensure this athletes must dedicate themselves to a consistent and progressive training regimen.  Our programs will yield incredible results if adhered to with passion and a positive attitude.

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Long Term Training Commitment Discounts

3-5 Month Commitment: 10% off your training package
6-11 Month Commitment: 15% off your training package
12+ Month Commitment: 20% off your training package

* Training packages may be adjusted from month to month but a minimal training package must be maintained for the duration of your commitment.

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  • Attention area Offensive Lineman your off season is NOW!! Time to punch in & go to WORK!! @fatboysoline 
Contact now for a FREE intro session‼️ #FATboys #mocofb #football #oline #performance #training #skill #skillacquisition #traineliteats
  • Excited to have @fatboysoline operating out of our Center this off season. Great opportunity for area Offensive Linemen!!
Preparation for the 2020 🏈 season officially starts next week. 
Catch us training out of two new facilities in Rockville and Germantown -- DM us for details! (@eliteathletetrainingservices Rockville facility pictured)

#FATboys #mocofb #football #oline #performance #training #skillacquisition #movement #workout
  • Great group with a lot of holiday spirit for our annual Ugly Sweater Real World Athlete Class! 🎅 🌲 ☃️
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  • Want to thank Dr @chrisjneal for the opportunity to collaborate and present to his Team on treatment & training strategies to address the demands placed on military neurosurgeons & ensure career longevity. Had a great time and truly honored to support the men and women who take care of our warriors!!
  • Yes!! 💯✊🏼✊🏼 If you have your youth child playing 3 sports in one season, are not planning recovery time or free play, and don’t have them do any foundational training they will get hurt and it’s your fault. Some of these clubs/parents  place unrealistic expectations and demands on their athletes which leads to overuse injuries and burnout in our youth athlete population. It’s the responsibility of the parents to know when to say NO!!
  • Happy Thanksgiving from the E.A.T.S. Family!
  • All of us at E.A.T.S. want to thank @coachb_eats for his effort and dedication toward our team and athletes these past few months both as an intern and as an assistant coach. He is a passionate and driven young coach and we wish him the best in his continued development and pursuit of a career in physical therapy!!

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