Dominate This Season

College and Pro teams all have dedicated sports performance training coaches. At E.A.T.S. we believe junior and high school level athletes should also have access to professional performance coaches. Combing your Skill Training with E.A.T.S. Sports Performance Training creates the ultimate athletic weapon.

E.A.T.S. professional sports performance coaches become an extension of your team. E.A.T.S. performance coaches will design, implement and measure seasonal or year-round programs for your team based on your vision. Team Performance Training programs are organized, supervised, professionally-run athletic performance training sessions designed to not only increase team strength, speed, agility, and conditioning, but also improve team unity and chemistry.

Damascus Football 2015
Damascus Football 2015

E.A.T.S. Team Performance Training will improve:

  • Muscular strength to decrease injury potential and increase power output
  • First step explosion to “get off the line” quickly
  • Agility to stop and change direction quickly
  • Linear acceleration for breakaway speed
  • Dynamic flexibility
  • Reaction time (visual and auditory)
  • Lateral quickness
  • Physical and mental toughness
  • Sport specific metabolic conditioning level

E.A.T.S. Performance Consultant Package’

If you need an expert to help develop your training plan, consider hiring our professional performance coaches to consult with you on your pre-season strength and conditioning program. Our coaches will design a program specific to your team’s needs and train you and your staff to implement our systems.

Basic Team Package

  • PDF coach and athlete manual
  • Exercise description videos

Elite Team Package

  • PDF coach and athlete manual
  • Exercise description videos
  • 3 Coach training sessions
Urbana Football 2015
Urbana Football 2015
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