Tracy Mitchell

Early last year I brought my son to E.A.T.S. to help him make the transition from youth club lacrosse to high school lacrosse. My husband joined a Real World Athletes morning class with Colin in December and by January Colin had convinced me to join as well. I was an athlete in the my younger days but in the last 10+ years I have spent my days at a desk and my evenings and weekends driving my kids to their sporting events. I lived a mostly sedentary life style and was overweight with many health issues, spending 20 days in the hospital in 2014. After the first class I was hooked! I felt no pressure or judgment but only encouragement when training with Colin and his amazing staff.  After two months of training and following the meal plan and nutritional guidelines Colin developed for me, I was free of most of the symptoms that had hospitalized me the year before.  I now attend classes three mornings a week and I have not only gained my health, but muscle strength, confidence and hours in my day that I would have slept through before I started training. I have started to see the athlete in me that got lost over the years and it is incredibly motivating. Thank you Colin for encouraging me each day and for reminding me how good it feels to be healthy and strong.